The International Marine Electronics Alliance (IMEA) focuses on maritime safety which encompasses scientific research education, and data interface standards. IMEA will serve as the NMEA standards technical interface with national and international standards bodies and organizations.   The IMEA supports global efforts to establish, install, operate, and maintain safe and reliable marine electronics through the use of internationally recognized education practices and standards.
IMEA is an Alliance not a member Association. IMEA will form worldwide alliances with other marine industry associations, marine standards bodies, and marine companies to collaborate on specific projects directly involved with marine electronics interface standards and other efforts to improve maritime safety through better marine electronics. IMEA will serve as these standards technical interface with national and international standards bodies and organizations.
IMEA will perform the duties and responsibilities necessary for further development and advancement of NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000®, and IMEA OneNet® interface standards and the NMEA 0400 Installation Standards. 
IMEA will encourage the development and standardization of fair and uniform practices, standards, usages, and rules and regulations for the safety benefit of all stakeholders involved with marine electronics.

IMEA is dedicated to serve the worldwide maritime industry by creating and promoting educational programming to improve the excellence of the marine electronics industry resulting in greater understanding and awareness of public safety for the boater.  
IMEA collaborates with other nonprofit associations and governmental agencies to provide both operational and technical marine electronics education, advancement of marine technology, and validation of marine electronics performance through testing and development.  
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 IMEA goals:
  • Represent the NMEA Interface Standards on an International level
  • Maintain NMEA Interface Standards- NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, IMEA OneNet
  • Provide educational programs to encourage new entrees and/or re-entrees of individuals into the workforce and to work with companies in the marine electronics industry.  
  • Establish an apprenticeship program collaborating with a variety of stakeholders in the maritime industry. 
  • This includes, but is not limited to veterans re-entering the labor force
  • Cooperate with maritime vocational institutions 
  • Provide advanced training programs for established employees. 

IMEA encourages the development of fair and uniform practices, usages, customs, and rules and regulations for the benefit of all stakeholders involved with marine electronics.  This may include joining with other organizations whereby IMEA can provide subject matter expertise to their boating safety initiatives.  

IMEA will be involved in pursuing the development and maintenance of communication standards for the global marine electronics market that encompasses many interests.  This would include other conformity assessment bodies, commercial interests, governmental safety requirements and manufacturers, integrators, dealers, installers, and end users. 

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