The International Marine Electronics Alliance (IMEA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving maritime operations and safety through the use of electronics.  The IMEA supports global efforts to establish, install, operate, and maintain safe and reliable electronics aboard all vessels.
In particular, IMEA supports efforts by the maritime electronics industry to:
Provide education on Marine Electronics TechnologyConduct scientific research to improve the electronic technologies used throughout the maritime world. 

IMEA is dedicated to serve the worldwide maritime industry by creating and promoting educational programming to improve the excellence of the marine electronics industry resulting in greater understanding and awareness of public safety for the boater.  
IMEA collaborates with other nonprofit associations and governmental agencies to provide both operational and technical marine electronics education, advancement of marine technology, and validation of marine electronics performance through testing and standards development.  
"Supporters can donate to IMEA and help Marine Electronics Advancement, Awareness and Safety"

 IMEA goals:
  • Provide educational programs to encourage new entrees and/or re-entrees of individuals into the workforce and to work with companies in the marine electronics industry.  
  • Establish an apprenticeship program collaborating with a variety of stakeholders in the maritime industry. 
  • This includes, but is not limited to veterans re-entering the labor force
  • Cooperate with maritime vocational institutions 
  • Provide advanced training programs for established employees. 

IMEA will engage in research and study to gain new knowledge for the advancement of the science for public safety. Advanced research on current safety initiatives:
  • Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) 
  • Digital Selective Calling (DSC), and/or VHF radio

IMEA encourages the development and standardization of fair and uniform practices, standards, usages, customs, and rules and regulations for the benefit of all stakeholders involved with marine electronics.  This may include joining with other organizations whereby IMEA can provide subject matter expertise to their boating safety initiatives.  

IMEA will be involved in pursuing the development and maintenance of communication standards for the global marine electronics market that encompasses many interests.  This would include other conformity assessment bodies, commercial interests, governmental safety requirements and manufacturers, integrators, dealers and end users. 

Lastly, IMEA is concerned with the safe interconnection and interoperability of marine electronic equipment facilitating the communications between various constituent groups and by minimizing misunderstanding and confusion between manufacturers equipment. This above mission statement will better the overall enjoyment of the recreational boater, and further the safety of all commercial vessels and their mission of life at sea.

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